Support Us

As if the previously mentioned mind - and/or life-changing experiences were not enough, a zAmya Theater Project performance offers you something more: knkowledge. Pearls of wisdom, ripe for the plucking, free with every admission. And not just any knowledge, friend: knowledge of yourself. We provide you with a mirror in which to reflect upon how you see the world and how the world sees you. We impart object lessons in solving problems by changing the way you look at them. Skills and wisdom, you'll find, that have many uses in our modern world.

Oh, and the good feeling that comes from helping somebody help themselves? that part's free.

To get involved in zAmya Theater Project, you could, should and indeed must see our plays. But that's just the tip of the karmic iceberg. You could act in our next production. Or volunteer to help us put it on. Even host a performance.

As a nonprofit organization, we appreciate donations of cash or services more than you can possibly know. Whatever you can do, we probably need it done. So give us a call. Operators are standing by.